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Our Advantages

Container Transportation

Do you want to decrease transit time up to 40%? It is easy with our company. We transported more than 10,000 containers block trains. What is the output? A satisfied customer, saved time and money. We offer variety of directions: China, Korea, Russia, and so on.

We offer:

  • transportation by block trains
  • rent / sale / exchange / return of containers
  • transportation of oversized cargo
  • wagon transportation

    Convenient, mobile, simple and cost saving? Yes, it is all about consolidated cargo delivery.

    Our Advantages :

  • Car departure every week regardless of the car loading
  • daily monitoring of cargo
  • delivery of goods to the Kazakhstan regions
  • low prices
  • safe custody
  • transportation of hazardous goods

    We aim to provide with the best service to our Customer. These are either cutting-edge technology to track the goods, its safety, or personal manager, who is always ready to provide with information

    Everything for your convenience!