Interlink - Складские и брокерские услуги


Our services include:

  • Storage, labeling, sorting
  • Services "cross - docking" in the warehouses of class "A" and "B"
  • Terminal Services for the Acceptance and Dispatch of Containers
  • Pick up Cargo and its Delivery from Warehouses / Factories /li>
  • Inspection and Reporting for Loading and unloading Goods
  • 3PL Logistics

Custom Procedures

Customs clearance involves a series of actions that are required to move a variety of goods from one State to another оформление грузов включает в себя ряд действий, которые обязательны для перемещения различных товаров из одного государства в другое.

Procedure includes:

Our services include:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Making all kinds of customs procedures (import, export, re-export and temporary import, and so on.)
  • Cargo Certification
  • Opening/ Closing (TIR Carnet)
  • CMR Documentation
  • Organization of Customs Escort
  • Consultations on Customs Clearance