Interlink - Доставка сборного груза из Китая

Container trains for cargoes passing for export from Uzbekistan to China

Interlink Group of Companies Tashkent branch is arranging regular Block train dispatch from Uzbekistan to Asian (mainly Chinese) destination port via Vladivostok port of Russia. From Vladivostok port, goods can be delivered to any port in Asia within reasonable period of time.

Currently, list of items to be being delivered in this route are:

  • raw cotton
  • cotton yarn and fabric
  • urea, MOP and Sulphur
  • Polymer products and granules
  • Dry fruits
  • Other products

Advantages of the route and Interlink service:

  • very competitive rates (example: rate from Tashkent to main Chinese ports is 2500 US Dollars/40HC)
  • very stable supply of required container quantity
  • regular dispatch of Block train from Tashkent to Vladivostok: every 7-10 days, 1 Block train is dispatched
  • the shortest transit time: 11 days from Tashkent to Vladivostok port after dispatch
  • reliable local trucking and cargo pick up from factories in Uzbekistan
  • flexible term of container detention scheme at Discharge ports (minimum 14 days)
  • quality customer service and regular tracing provision
  • safety in the route

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