Interlink - Наши достижения


Chemical Industry

Hazardous Cargo Transportation

Air transportation of household and industrial chemicals from Duhanarasti, Hungary in Almaty, Kazakhstan, beginning from 2014

Chemicals Transportation

Multimodal transportation of phosphoric acid from China to Kazakhstan, via Vladivostok, Russia, beginning 2016


Transportation of marble

Transportation of marble from Italy to Kazakhstan, by trucks, since 2013

Furniture Transportation

Furniture and raw materials transportation for the production of furniture from Russia to Kazakhstan, since 2012

Equipment Transportation

Air cargo of equipment and spare parts for beverage bottling equipment from China to Kazakhstan, 2013

Transportation of special equipment

Multimodal transportation of vehicle for pumping concrete solute from Korea to Uzbekistan - through the Russian Federation, 2014

Equipment Transportation

Multimodal transportation of oversized milling machine from Korea to Uzbekistan - through Turkey, 2014

Transportation of elevator equipment

Transportation of elevator and escalator equipment for the construction of China - Almaty, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2012

Transportation of steel

Transportation of steel by trucks from Turkey to Akchalak, Uzbekistan

Transportation of building materials

Transportation of materials for field camps in Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan by trucks from Turkey and in containers from South Korea

Household Equipment

Transportation of premium goods

Air transportation of objects of decoration and lighting Murano glass from Italy to Kazakhstan, 2014

Transportation of household appliances

Regular transportation of large and small household appliances and electronics from Europe, China, Turkey to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan since 2009


Car Transportation

Auto transportation of premium car from Russia to Kazakhstan, since 2015

Motorcycles Transportation

Conveyance of ATVs, buggies, ATVs from Belgium to Kazakhstan, since 2014

Transportation of tires

Rail transportation of tires from Europe to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, since 2014

Transportation of motor-equipment

Transportation of motor-equipment from China to Kazakhstan, since 2016

Transportation of car genuine parts

Transportation by containers of automotive components and spare parts from South Korea to Kazakhstan since 2010

Hi-tech Industry

Electronics Transportation

Air freight of telecommunications equipment from Europe to Kazakhstan, since 2010


Transportation of cosmetics

Air freight of cosmetics under temperature mode using dry ice from Australia to Kazakhstan, since 2015


Transportation of food

Auto transportation of food in refrigerators, supporting a special temperature and conditions for transportation, since 2012