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Sea Freight

Cargo transportation via sea transport at the moment one of the simple and cost-effective solutions. Dry cargo (iron ore, timber, steel, cement, etc.) account for half of all marine traffic. Among others there are the so-called packaged goods packaging. Basically it is finished or semi-finished products

The high cost of shipping - a mistaken view. Companies engaged in foreign economic activity, it is used international maritime transport of goods, since it is a more reliable way of transportation. Considering all overhead, the method is advantageous logistics in comparison with other types of traffic

Types of Sea Freight:

Our services include:

  • Sea Freight Forwarding between the Major Seaports of the World
  • Providing a large number of containers (20 ', 40', 40hc)
  • Provision of Stevedoring Services in Ports of Dispatch / Arrival
  • Terminal AServices at Acceptance / Dispatch Containers
  • Transportation of Oversized Cargo
  • Transportation Transport and Special Equipment on the basis of the Ro-Ro
  • Project Cargoes
Sea Freight- Interlink