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To match the level, the INTERLINK group of companies open branches all over the world with the support of an international network of partners, to invest in the training of teams to meet the level of provided services. We want to be a reliable business partner in the field of logistics and transport, with the help of qualified personnel, applying individual approach to customer service. Despite extensive experience in shipping and other related transport services, we do not stop wit achieved results: expanding our geography, studying innovation.


Our knowledge of the specifics of the business and the countries where we work, together with an extensive international network of agents allowed to be among the leading service providers. For successful freight forwarding, move them and providing transportation management services for the ever-changing markets, need some experience, skills and reputation of the company that you can trust. We provide a service "turnkey", including in this concept is that all the needs of customers and transport requirements are met. Do you need to move a car from one country to another, or phosphoric acid, INTERLINK Group of companies have all of the above to help you. With us, you will receive personalized service, because we are independent in making decisions and specialization in our domestic market. INTERLINK Group of Companies is proud of its many years of experience in international transport


Our mission is to meet the needs of customers and partners in the logistics by providing the best service, developing the shortest routes of cargo transportation, optimizing efficient use of all modes of transport with mutually beneficial partnerships with each customer


Our Goal - to increase the volume and the number of cargo through the following tasks: