Interlink - Железнодорожные перевозки

Rail Transport

Transportation of any cargo over long distances is time and/or money consuming. If the company is to minimize costs and to meet strictly the delivery schedule, rail freight will be the optimal solution. Technical capabilities of this mode of transport are rather considerable, especially on international rail runs. They include high cargo delivery speed, and the cargo safety guarantee and minimum standing time due to weather conditions. Besides, it is possible to transport heavy, off-size and special purpose cargo by train.

Our Services include:

  • Arrangement for Container Block Train along the TSR and TCR Lines
  • Provision of a Large Number of 20”/40”/40”HC Containers
  • Arrangement for Obtaining the Rail Dispatch Plan from the CIS Railroad Administrations
  • Regular Rolling Stock Provision
  • Availability of a wide Agency/Representative Network at all Major Railroad CIS Country border points
  • Reporting and Monitoring of all Trans-shipment Processes at all major Railroad CIS Country border points
  • Direct Contract with the CIS and China Railroad Operators
  • Provision of a Regular Monitoring of Cargo Tracking
  • Convoy services
Авиаперевозки - Interlink
Авиаперевозки - Interlink